California Lyrics - Joni Mitchell

California Lyrics - Joni Mitchell

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California Lyrics Information

Friends, now we are sharing with you all the information about California Lyrics in detail. Hope you can know all the information about California Lyrics in detail from here. So friends below is the information:

  • Single by : Joni Mitchell
  • from the album : Blue
  • Genre : Folk rock
  • Released : 1971
  • Recorded : 1971
  • Length : 3:48
  • Producer(s) : Joni Mitchell
  • Songwriter(s) : Joni Mitchell
  • Label : Reprise
  • Song: California
  • Artist: Joni Mitchell

We have shared all the information about California Lyrics with you in detail. We hope you have been able to learn all the information about California Lyrics in detail.

California Lyrics


Sitting in a park in Paris, France

Reading the news and it sure looks bad

They won't give peace a chance

That was just a dream some of us had

Still a lot of lands to see

But I wouldn't wanna stay here

It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here

Oh, but California

California I'm coming home

I'm gonna see the folks I dig

I'll even kiss a Sunset pig

California I'm coming home

I met a redneck on a Grecian isle

Who did the goat dance very well

He gave me back my smile

But he kept my camera to sell

Oh the rogue, the red red rogue

He cooked good omelettes and stews

And I might have stayed on with him there

But my heart cried out for you, California

Oh California I'm coming home

Oh make me feel good rock 'n' roll band

I'm your biggest fan

California, I'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely

When you're walking

And the streets are full of strangers

All the news of home you read

Just give you the blues

Just give you the blues

So I bought me a ticket

I caught a plane to Spain

Went to a party down a red dirt road

There were lots of pretty people there

Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue

They said, "How long can you hang around?"

I said a week, maybe two

Just until my skin turns brown

Then I'm going home to California

California I'm coming home

Oh will you take me as I am

Strung out on another man

California, I'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely

When you're walking

And the streets are full of strangers

All the news of home you read

More about the war

And the bloody changes

Oh will you take me as I am?

Will you take me as I am?

Will you?

Will you take me as I am?

Hmmm mmmmm

Take me as I am

Why California Lyrics became popular

Friends, currently the California Lyrics has become very popular in the country. Because this Lyrics is very pleasant to listen to and the Lyrics offers several features. Due to which the Lyrics has become very popular in the country today. Everyone likes to listen to this Lyrics. Because listening to this Lyrics is very fun and enjoyable. And one of the reasons why this Lyrics gained popularity is because the Lyrics increases people's attention and emotions. Also the name of the singer of this Lyrics is Joni Mitchell, he is a very famous artist, due to which this song has gained more popularity. Friends, we have shared with you in detail from our experience the reasons behind the popularity of California Lyrics. Hope you got to know in detail why this Lyrics gained so much popularity through this article, Thanks.

15 Best Features of California Lyrics

Friends, it is very difficult to discuss all the features of a song in detail in just one article. However, I am trying to highlight in this article the features which I consider very essential in the light of my long experience. I hope you will like these features very much and you will have a lot of fun. So friends below are the top 15 features of California Lyrics:

  1. Nostalgic Imagery: The lyrics of "California" are known for their vivid and nostalgic imagery that paints a romanticized picture of California. Lines like "California, here we come" and "It's the end of the world as we know it" evoke a sense of adventure and excitement. The song captures the allure of California as a dream destination and a place of possibility.
  2. Youthful Spirit: The lyrics convey a youthful spirit and a sense of freedom. The mention of "swimming pools, movie stars" and the overall carefree tone of the song reflect the idea of California as a symbol of youthful optimism and the pursuit of dreams. The lyrics capture a feeling of being invincible and on the brink of something new and exciting.
  3. Sense of Belonging: The chorus of the song, with the repeated line "California, here we come," creates a sense of unity and belonging. It's as if the lyrics are inviting the listeners to join in the journey, emphasizing the idea of shared experiences and the thrill of embarking on an adventure together. This aspect of the lyrics contributes to the song's popularity and its ability to resonate with a wide audience.
  4. Visual Storytelling: The lyrics of "California" skillfully weave a visual narrative that transports listeners to a specific time and place. Lines like "Hustlers grab your guns, your shadow weighs a ton" and "The sun may rise in the East at least, it settles in the final location" create a vivid mental image of California's landscape and atmosphere. This storytelling quality enhances the song's ability to evoke emotions and memories.
  5. Ambiguous Emotions: The lyrics balance a mixture of emotions that go beyond just a simple celebration of California. Lines like "And I feel like I'm a million miles away" and "We've got the ocean, got the babes, got the sun, we've got the waves" evoke a sense of both longing and contentment. This complexity allows listeners to interpret the lyrics in their own way, connecting with various layers of sentiment.
  6. Cultural References: The lyrics incorporate references that contribute to the song's overall mood and message. References to Hollywood, swimming pools, and "stars in the sky" not only capture the essence of California's pop culture but also add depth to the lyrics. These references resonate with the broader cultural image of California as a place of dreams and opportunities.
  7. Sense of Escapism: The lyrics of "California" exude a strong sense of escapism, inviting listeners to leave behind their current realities and embark on a journey to a place where dreams can come true. Lines like "California, here we come, right back where we started from" suggest a desire to escape the mundane and find a fresh start, which resonates with the universal longing for change and adventure.
  8. Repetition for Emphasis: The repetition of the line "California, here we come" throughout the song serves as a powerful device to emphasize the destination and the anticipation associated with it. Repetition often creates a sense of rhythm and catchiness, making the lyrics memorable and easy for listeners to sing along to. This repetition also reinforces the idea of unity and shared excitement.
  9. Timeless Sentiment: Despite being released in 2002, the lyrics of "California" possess a timeless sentiment that transcends eras. The themes of chasing dreams, seeking new experiences, and the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia are universal and relatable across generations. The lyrics manage to capture a feeling that remains relevant regardless of the passage of time.
  10. Contrasting Elements: The lyrics skillfully juxtapose contrasting elements to create a dynamic and evocative atmosphere. Lines like "The California dream" and "You could wait for the sun to rise" juxtapose the dreamlike quality of California with the idea of waiting for something to happen. This interplay of opposing concepts adds depth and complexity to the lyrics.
  11. Personal Reflection: Amid the larger themes of adventure and aspiration, the lyrics also contain elements of personal reflection and introspection. Lines such as "Will you take me as I am?" and "And all your friends were sorry for themselves" hint at deeper emotional layers. These moments of introspection allow listeners to connect on a more personal level and find their own experiences within the song.
  12. Universal Longing: The lyrics tap into a universal human longing for change, growth, and something more. The chorus, with its repeated call of "California, here we come," encapsulates the idea of setting out on a journey to pursue one's dreams, wherever those dreams may lead. This universal theme of seeking something better resonates with people from all walks of life.
  13. Sensory Appeal: The lyrics of "California" engage multiple senses by incorporating vivid descriptions that go beyond visual imagery. Lines like "Warm, sun-baked skin" and "It's the fabric of our lives" evoke sensations of touch and texture. This sensory appeal brings the listener into the world of the song, making it feel more immersive and relatable.
  14. Ambiguity and Openness: The lyrics of "California" possess a certain openness and ambiguity that allow listeners to interpret them in various ways. Lines such as "It's the end of the world as we know it" and "I wish I could stay" can be taken both literally and metaphorically. This ambiguity gives the song a sense of universality, enabling listeners to connect with their own emotions and experiences.
  15. Dynamic Progression: The lyrics follow a dynamic progression that mirrors the journey described in the song. The initial excitement and anticipation captured in lines like "California, here we come" give way to contemplative moments and reflections on the passage of time. This progression adds a narrative arc to the song, enhancing its storytelling quality.

Friends above I have shared with you the top 15 features of California Lyrics from my long experience. I hope you have got a detailed idea about the best features of California Lyrics through this article. But there are many more features of this song which can never be covered in just one article. So if you need to know any more features of this song then you can directly contact us on WhatsApp.


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