Turn Me On Lyrics - Norah Jones

Turn Me On Lyrics - Norah Jones

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Turn Me On Lyrics song information

Friends, now we are sharing with you all the information about Turn Me On Lyrics in detail. Hope you can know all the information about Turn Me On Lyrics in detail from here. So friends below is the information:

  • Published : August 9, 1961
  • Artist: Norah Jones
  • Released : May 12, 2003
  • Single by : Norah Jones
  • from the album Come Away with Me
  • Length : 2:34
  • Producer(s) : Lee Alexander, Norah Jones
  • Songwriter(s) : John D. Loudermilk
  • Label : Blue Note
We have shared all the information about Turn Me On Lyrics with you in detail. We hope you have been able to learn all the information about Turn Me On Lyrics in detail.

Turn Me On Lyrics

"Turn Me On"

Like a flower waiting to bloom

Like a lightbulb in a dark room

I'm just sitting here waiting for you

To come on home and turn me on

Like the desert waiting for the rain

Like a school kid waiting for the spring

Im just sitting here waiting for you

To come on home and turn me on

My poor heart it's been so dark

Since you've been gone

After all you're the one who turns me off

You're the only one who can turn me back on

My hi-fi is waiting for a new tune

My glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes

I'm just sitting here waiting for you

To come on home and turn me on

Turn me on

Why Turn Me On Lyrics became popular

Friends, currently the Turn Me On Lyrics has become very popular in the country. Because this Lyrics is very pleasant to listen to and the Lyrics offers several features. Due to which the Lyrics has become very popular in the country today. Everyone likes to listen to this Lyrics. Because listening to this Lyrics is very fun and enjoyable. And one of the reasons why this Lyrics gained popularity is because the Lyrics increases people's attention and emotions. Also the name of the singer of this Lyrics is Norah Jones, he is a very famous artist, due to which this song has gained more popularity. Friends, we have shared with you in detail from our experience the reasons behind the popularity of Turn Me On Lyrics. Hope you got to know in detail why this Lyrics gained so much popularity through this article, Thanks.

15 Best Features of Turn Me On Lyrics

Friends, it is very difficult to discuss all the features of a song in detail in just one article. However, I am trying to highlight in this article the features which I consider very essential in the light of my long experience. I hope you will like these features very much and you will have a lot of fun. So friends below are the top 15 features of Turn Me On Lyrics:

  1. Infectious Melody: One of the most notable features of "Turn Me On" is its infectious and memorable melody. The song opens with a recognizable synth riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track. This catchy melody plays a significant role in making the song stand out and remain a favorite among listeners.
  2. Sensual Lyrics: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" are centered around themes of desire and attraction. The song's lyrics convey a sense of intimacy and longing, which is heightened by the smooth vocal delivery. The blend of dancehall and R&B elements in the song's production complements the sensual nature of the lyrics, creating a captivating sonic experience.
  3. Collaboration and Fusion: "Turn Me On" features a collaboration between Kevin Lyttle and Spragga Benz, bringing together their distinct styles. Kevin Lyttle's melodic vocals and Spragga Benz's dancehall-infused verses blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and energetic fusion of genres. This collaboration enhances the song's appeal to a wider audience and adds to its unique charm.
  4. Playful Wordplay: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" include playful wordplay and metaphors that add a layer of intrigue to the song's theme of attraction. The phrase "Turn me on" itself carries a double meaning, referring both to igniting desire and activating a physical response. This clever wordplay enhances the song's appeal and adds depth to its lyrics.
  5. Universal Theme: While the song's lyrics are centered around romantic attraction and desire, they also touch on a universal theme of human connection. The emotions conveyed in the lyrics are relatable to a wide range of listeners, making the song resonate on a personal level. This universality contributes to the song's popularity and longevity.
  6. Energetic Delivery: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" are delivered with energy and passion, enhancing the song's overall impact. Kevin Lyttle's expressive vocal delivery captures the intensity of the emotions expressed in the lyrics. This energetic approach to singing adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the song, making it a captivating listen.
  7. Suggestive Imagery: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" use vivid and suggestive imagery to create a sensory experience for the listeners. The song's lyrics paint a picture of the emotions and sensations associated with desire and attraction. This imagery engages the audience's imagination and makes the lyrics more evocative and memorable.
  8. Repetition and Catchiness: The strategic use of repetition in the lyrics adds to the song's catchiness. The phrase "Turn me on" is repeated throughout the song, creating a memorable hook that easily sticks in the listener's mind. This repetition not only reinforces the song's central theme but also contributes to its sing-along appeal.
  9. Balanced Expressiveness: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" strike a balance between explicitness and subtlety. While the song deals with themes of intimacy and attraction, it does so in a way that maintains a level of sophistication and restraint. This balance allows the song to be sensual without crossing into overly explicit territory, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  10. Lyrical Flow and Rhyme Scheme: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" exhibit a smooth and rhythmic flow, aided by a well-crafted rhyme scheme. The way the words and phrases flow together contributes to the song's overall musicality and enhances its appeal as a danceable track. The rhyme scheme helps maintain a cohesive structure throughout the song, making it easy for listeners to engage with the lyrics.
  11. Euphoric Escapism: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" offer a sense of euphoric escapism, transporting listeners to a world of passion and desire. The vivid descriptions and emotive language allow listeners to momentarily immerse themselves in the emotions and experiences depicted in the song. This sense of escapism can be a driving factor behind the song's popularity on dance floors and in entertainment settings.
  12. Timeless Sensibility: Despite being released in 2003, the lyrics of "Turn Me On" maintain a timeless sensibility that continues to resonate with audiences over the years. The universal themes of attraction, desire, and human connection are themes that are relevant across different eras. This timeless quality has contributed to the song's enduring popularity and its ability to connect with listeners across generations.
  13. Dual Perspectives: The lyrics of "Turn Me On" incorporate a dual perspective, allowing listeners to experience the emotions and desires from both sides. While Kevin Lyttle's verses express the yearning for connection and attraction, Spragga Benz's rap verses provide a contrasting viewpoint. This dual perspective adds depth to the song's narrative, offering a more comprehensive exploration of the theme.
  14. Subtle Vulnerability: Amidst the upbeat and danceable nature of the song, there's an underlying layer of vulnerability in the lyrics. The emotions of desire and longing are subtly infused with a sense of vulnerability, making the song more relatable and authentic. This emotional depth resonates with listeners who can connect with the complexities of human relationships.
  15. Cultural Fusion: The song's lyrics reflect a cultural fusion that mirrors the Caribbean origins of the artists. The lyrics seamlessly blend elements of Caribbean and R&B musical styles, resulting in a unique and compelling sound. This fusion extends to the lyrical content as well, showcasing a universal theme through a distinct cultural lens. The lyrics become a bridge between different musical and cultural influences.

Friends above I have shared with you the top 15 features of Turn Me On Lyrics from my long experience. I hope you have got a detailed idea about the best features of Turn Me On Lyrics through this article. But there are many more features of this song which can never be covered in just one article. So if you need to know any more features of this song then you can directly contact us on WhatsApp.


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